Laura is a young Brussels based film director, she mastered at the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound in 2015 and graduated Cum Laude with her Thesis Film, Seul à Seule, that caught national and international attention.

As a kid she grew up at the seaside; spending most of her time on the tennis court or watching old VHS tapes her older brother collected for her.

Studying and living in the big city of Brussels, intrigued and inspired by her diversity and the people who live in it , she fell in love with her new hometown.

Laura has taken her first steps as a fresh new director and has already some short films, music videos and commercials in her portfolio.

She combines writing and directing with a half time job as a teacher, giving artclasses and workshops to kids: “Sharing my knowledge and experience with these kids makes me happy and is so fullfilling” , “Sometimes it s even the other way around, when they learn me things, they definitely are a source of inspiration!”

Keep an eye on her page if you want to stay up to date with her new projects!